What Size Container Stock Should I Plant in my Landscape?

Bigger Plants Are Not Always Better Because we are coming upon the best planting season of the year, fall, let's talk about container plant sizes. Plant material comes in a range of container sizes, 1, 5 or 15 gallon, 24", 36" 48" boxes and up, and some species come bare root in the winter. The natural human instinct of instant gratification leads many clients [...]

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Celebrate the Benefits of Urban Trees

Video Trees Provide Amazing Benefits by Davey Tree Thank Goodness for Trees! Arbor Day is April 26, 2019 here in San Diego and across the nation. So look up and around at the valuable assets in your area. Communities would not be the same beautiful, livable spaces without trees. Statistics on The Benefits of Trees by The Arbor Day Foundation The net cooling effect of a young, [...]

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