Landscape Services for Developing Sites

Planning Phase
Planning Phase

Horticultural expertise from a long term maintenance and sustainability perspective

Installation Phase
Installation Phase

On-site owners representative to be your eyes in the field when landscape projects are underway

Warranty Phase
Warranty Phase

Turnover inspections and reporting on behalf of owners during landscape maintenance and warranty periods

Plant Selection

Horticultural Experts to Guide Plant Choices

Botanicon uses years of horticulture and landscape management experience to choose planting palettes that are appropriate for our clients sites and are less maintenance intensive. Plants selected in this phase determine the sustainability of the landscape for decades to come. Using the right plant in the right place the first time is the cornerstone of a thriving site.

  • Plant selection using WUCOLS
  • Low water use plants
  • Low maintenance plants
  • Soil testing to dictate plant selection
  • Spacing for size at plant maturity
  • Planting density for ease of maintenance
  • Plant palette for year round interest
  • Tree selection for adequate root & canopy growth
  • Community wide planting lists

Maintenance Impact Statement

Generate Landscape Maintenance Cost Estimate

Long term site maintenance costs are directly correlated to the design. Botanicon develops maintenance impact statements from landscape plans and specifications for maintenance prior to design completion and site construction. Knowing how much annual landscape maintenance services will impact our clients budget before the site is installed is a powerful planning tool.

  • Calculate annual landscape maintenance costs from proposed design
  • Develop budget for landscape maintenance
  • Adjust landscape design to fit clients maintenance budget
  • Data to support budget requests
  • Cost-benefit analysis over time using different sizes and planting densities

LEED and SITES Projects

Horticultural Consulting for Sustainable Landscapes

Botanicon works with project teams seeking LEED and SITES certification, or those who just want to implement sustainable landscape strategies. Sustainable landscapes provide ecosystem benefits and economic advantages over the long run because they use less resources for long term management. Our consultation services as a LEED Green Associate are rendered on behalf of owners and project team members.

  • Plant selection using WUCOLS
  • Ease of future maintenance
  • Water efficient irrigation & system monitoring
  • Hydrozones and MWELO
  • Green waste diversion
  • Site tree, plant & invasives inventory
  • Soil protection for optimal planting sites
  • Tree protection plans
  • Species and irrigation for green roofs and living walls
  • Integrated Pest Management plans
  • Site management plans

Landscape Installation Monitoring

On-Site Owners Representative

Botanicon is a licensed C-27 landscape contractor who provides third party oversight on behalf of our clients. We inspect and report back to project owners and landscape architects to ensure their sites are being installed according to approved plans, construction specifications and accepted industry standards during every step of the process.

  • Checkpoints at designated times in construction phase
  • Hardscape & amenities
  • Irrigation & drainage system
  • Sleeving & low voltage
  • Landscape finish grading
  • Protect soil from compaction & contamination
  • Sprinkler heads & drip systems
  • Inspect plants upon delivery for root, pest and structural issues
  • Planting & tree staking
  • Mulch application
  • Irrigation controller scheduling & programming

Turnover Inspections

Phasing from Landscape Installation & Warranty to Maintenance

Botanicon represents owners and landscape architects on newly installed landscapes through the maintenance and warranty phase. Prior to warranty expiration, we conduct a detailed inspection and address measures for correction prior to site turnover for maintenance. We ensure our clients get what they have paid for and the site is acceptable for ongoing maintenance.

  • Inventory installed plants & irrigation. Compare with plan
  • Assess plant health & establishment
  • Audit irrigation system performance & scheduling
  • Monitor & document maintenance services performed
  • Develop punch lists and follow up for completion
  • Recommend any corrective measures
  • Draft manual for ongoing landscape maintenance
  • Keep owner and landscape architect up to date on site performance
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