For Existing Sites

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Schedule a Site Visit

Organize a site walk-through to determine landscape and client needs. Review landscape documentation and contracts.


Set Up a Management Plan

Define plans for enhancing and managing site landscaping. We facilitate work with contractors to get you exactly what your site needs.

Landscape reports and documentation

Sit Back and Relax

Conduct regularly scheduled landscape inspections, quality assurance monitoring, follow up on punch lists and report back to you.


Third-party subject matter expertise

Save time and money for the many site related tasks you attend to. Property managers, HOA’s and facility professionals have a lot on their plates. Put our landscape maintenance experience and horticultural knowledge to work for you with our independent management and oversight of landscape vendors.

We manage the landscape vendor on your behalf, conduct monthly inspections and report back to you before their payment is issued. Our quality assurance program allows for full monthly payment to the vendor if the site inspection and services meet the contract requirements, or a portion is retained until contract fulfillment is achieved.

  • Use your time for other things while we conduct quality assurance inspections, walkthroughs and punch list follow up

  • Use your landscape budget wisely with our quality assurance contractor payment program

  • Confidence knowing industry standards of care are being utilized to maintain landscape assets

  • Independent technical expertise in your corner to advise on site horticultural and irrigation needs

  • Take the guessing out of authorizing extra work, architectural review and landscape related compliance issues

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Effective water delivery is critical for a thriving landscape

Save money and water by managing irrigation systems regularly. Many times when a visual symptom of plant or turf stress is noticed, the watering schedule is just increased. This likely will not solve the problem if there are performance issues with the irrigation system. Without a properly running water delivery system and adequate schedule, your site is wasting water. Botanicon identifies issues and corrective measures to conserve water resources.

  • Establish a baseline for management with irrigation system inspection and controller mapping

  • Identify distribution issues with an irrigation audit, collecting data for informed decisions on system repairs and upgrades

  • Save money by applying for municipal rebate programs for irrigation retrofits and weather based controller upgrades

  • Save time by creating a master watering schedule based on plant type, soils, weather and type of irrigation

  • Stay updated with regular monitoring of water usage by each meter and irrigation controller


Get results by first understanding the problem affecting your plants

A site with healthy plants and trees to create a beautiful property is what our clients want. Sometimes, environmental and pest issues do arise on a landscaped site. It is important to identify the problem and implement a solution before asset value is lost. Botanicon offers expert horticultural knowledge to diagnose and solve the most challenging landscape problems.

  • Fix landscape problems by first accurately diagnosing causes of cultural and pest problems affecting your site

  • Protect your landscape and community with an Integrated Pest Management Plan, utilizing the most resource friendly way to treat plant problems

  • Conserve soil, water and the environment with fertility and nutrient management based on soil testing data

  • Proactively manage issues by using the right plant, in the right place, at the right time

  • Partner with experts for research based treatment solutions on a situational basis


Checklist of tasks, intent and timing for completion

Botanicon drives highly effective maintenance programs by creating site specific landscape management plans. Completing each landscape maintenance task with purposeful intent to achieve the desired results is critical for continued property enhancement. This is smart use of your budget, and the cornerstone of long-term sustainability of the landscape. A clearly defined site management plan is the road map for your site. Planning for long-term maintenance saves costs in the long run, eliminating redundant, unnecessary services and managing risk.

  • Planning for landscape maintenance tasks by season and frequency

  • Identifies the reason the task is necessary, what the expected result is

  • Allows for budgeting & scheduling renovations to increase aesthetics, save resources, time and unnecessary services

  • Informs decisions for renovations, plan improvement & reducing wasteful practices

  • Improves consistency of services through different contractors, boards and managers


How can you manage what you don’t measure?

Knowing what needs long-term management assists with planning, scheduling and budgeting. Botanicon inventories trees, shrubs, turf areas, planting beds, ground covers, hardscape features, amenities and irrigation systems on your properties. This enables industry standard specifications for maintenance to be written and allows contractors to bid the same items. We provide photos and site maps for your sites with a database of assets and their condition.

  • Build consistency with count of on site plants, trees, turf and hardscape areas to be maintained

  • Inform stakeholders on condition of landscape with plant health assessments and irrigation performance data

  • Valuable decision making information when creating a master plan for improvements

  • Allows for fair bid comparison when soliciting contractor services

  • Enables drafting of accurate landscape maintenance specifications and scope of work

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