Landscape Services for Existing Sites

Tree Inventory
Schedule a Site VIsit

Conduct a site walk-through to determine landscape and client needs. Review landscape documentation and contracts.

Collaborate to develop plan
Set Up a Management Plan

Define plans for enhancing and managing site landscaping. We facilitate work with contractors to get you exactly what your site needs.

Monitor and Report on Landscaped Site
Sit Back and Relax

Oversee regularly scheduled landscape inspections, quality assurance monitoring, follow up on punch lists and report back to you.

Landscape Vendor Management

Third Party Expert Services

Botanicon offers independent oversight of landscape vendors, saving you time and money. Put our landscape maintenance experience and horticultural knowledge to work for your site. We offer regular monitoring of landscape services provided, attend landscape walks and board meetings, develop and follow up on punch list items and field community wide landscaping requests.

  • Quality assurance inspections
  • Walk throughs with contractor & property representative
  • Review compliance with landscape maintenance contract
  • Ensure industry standards of care are followed
  • Review authorizations for extra work
  • Advise how to save our clients money
  • Cost check invoices
  • Write new specifications for landscape maintenance
  • Create site specific landscape management plans
  • Advise landscape committees
  • Field user landscape issues and requests
  • Solutions for landscape related CC & R compliance
  • Help clients with contract administration for landscape services
  • Performance based contract and payment system

Irrigation Systems Efficiency

Managing Landscape Water Resources

Save money and water by managing irrigation systems regularly. Many times when a visual symptom of plant or turf stress is noticed, the watering schedule is just increased. This likely will not solve the problem if there are performance issues with the irrigation system. Without a properly running water delivery system and adequate schedule, your site is wasting water. Botanicon identifies issues and corrective measures to conserve water resources.

  • Irrigation system mapping
  • Irrigation system inspections
  • Irrigation audits & distribution uniformity
  • Punch lists for repairs
  • Advise for upgrades and retrofits
  • Plant hydrozones for renovations
  • MWELO budgets & calculations for Landscape Documentation packages
  • Calculate baseline
    schedules based on weather, soil, irrigation type & plant factors
  • Monitor water use & collect data by each meter

Horticultural Consultation Services

Solving Landscape Site Issues

A site with healthy plants and trees to create a beautiful property is what our clients want. Sometimes, environmental and pest issues do arise on a landscaped site. It is important to identify the problem and implement a solution before asset value is lost. Botanicon offers expert horticultural knowledge to diagnose and solve the most challenging landscape problems.

  • Site & environmental assessments
  • Plant problem diagnosis
  • Cultural issues affecting plant growth
  • Research based treatment plans
  • Integrated Pest Management (IPM) plans
  • Partner with experts for treatment solutions on a situational basis
  • Plant selection – right plant, right place to proactively manage issues
  • Advise when species replacement is warranted
  • Soil testing for fertility management & diagnosing nutrient issues

Site Inventory & Assessment

Existing Landscape Assets on Site

Knowing what needs long-term management assists with planning, scheduling and budgeting. Botanicon inventories trees, shrubs, turf areas, planting beds, ground covers, hardscape features, amenities and irrigation systems on our clients properties. This enables industry standard specifications for maintenance to be written and allows contractors to bid the same items. We provide photos and site maps for our clients sites with a database of assets and their condition.

  • Count & size measurements
  • Plant health assessments
  • Irrigation performance assessment
  • Exact location of landscape elements so all stakeholders
    are on the same page
  • Use to develop specifications for maintenance
  • Use to develop management plan & schedule
  • Use to develop master plan for site improvements

Landscape Management Plans

Annual Program for Site Asset Management

Botanicon drives highly effective maintenance programs by creating site specific landscape management plans. Completing each landscape maintenance task with purposeful intent to achieve the desired results is critical for continued property enhancement, smart use of our clients budget, and long-term sustainability of the landscape. A clearly defined site management plan is a road map for our clients sites. Planning for long-term maintenance saves costs in the long run, eliminating redundant, unnecessary services and managing risk.

  • Plan for landscape maintenance tasks by season & frequency
  • Breakdown of monthly tasks
  • Allows for planning, budgeting & scheduling renovations to increase aesthetics, save resources
  • Schedule for non-recurring tasks required on site
  • Site specific schedules for pruning, irrigation checks, turf maintenance, fertilizing, mulching, etc.
  • Use schedules to collect data for needed renovations, plan improvement & reducing wasteful practices

Botanicon Horticulture and Landscape Consulting

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