What Size Container Stock Should I Plant in my Landscape?

Bigger Plants Are Not Always Better

Because we are coming upon the best planting season of the year, fall, let’s talk about container plant sizes. Plant material comes in a range of container sizes, 1, 5 or 15 gallon, 24″, 36″ 48″ boxes and up, and some species come bare root in the winter.

The natural human instinct of instant gratification leads many clients to ask for larger sized container plant stock at initial installation.… Read the rest “What Size Container Stock Should I Plant in my Landscape?”

Fall is the Best Time for Landscape Planting

Callistemon - white

Establishing new landscape plantings is most successful if timed right

Here in San Diego and Southern California, we are coming up on the best season for planting landscape trees, shrubs, perennials, turf and ground covers. On large homeowner association, estate and municipal sites, it is difficult to have a good new plant establishment rate without extra care like additional watering and monitoring.… Read the rest “Fall is the Best Time for Landscape Planting”

5 Takeaways From Our Garden Tour

Botanicon leads tour of the Water Conservation Garden

A couple weeks ago Botanicon led a tour of the Water Conservation Garden in El Cajon, CA. Our focus was educating HOA Board members and Property Managers on low maintenance, water wise plant choices for their communities. And who doesn’t like to get outside and look at beautiful plant specimens? Thank you to all who attended and sponsored our event.

  • Weeping bottlebrush
  • Protea flowers
Read the rest “5 Takeaways From Our Garden Tour”

Costs of Over-Planting

Sidewalk with adjacent ornamental grass plantings

People love lush landscapes and instant gratification. Clients of landscaped sites want that full garden look from day one. Property owners, contractors and landscape architects achieve this by densely populating the ground with plant material, regardless of species size at maturity. It sells and leases properties, plain and simple.

But what are the long term costs? And is this sustainable? When asked to review site planting plans or conduct turnover inspections, we regularly advise clients to reduce planting density or remove plants which are already in the ground.… Read the rest “Costs of Over-Planting”

Landscape Maintenance Specifications

Purple lavender in bloom

5 Advantages to Writing Maintenance Specs Specific to your Site

Specifications for landscape maintenance are instructions to the contractors performing the work – mowing, pruning, leaf clean up, irrigation management, pest monitoring and control, etc. They are written by professionals knowledgeable in horticulture, plant care, irrigation and landscape management. With a landscape inventory in place, maintenance specs specific to your site, and input from owners and managers, we can now drive effective long term landscape management plans within a clients budget.… Read the rest “Landscape Maintenance Specifications”

What’s on Your Mind?

Purple wisteria in bloom

5 Takeaways from Stakeholder Surveys on Your Landscaped Site

Some people love surveys, some people cringe. But when managing a large landscaped site long-term, the data a survey can provide decision makers is invaluable. Plants are living assets, which grow, change through the seasons, require ongoing maintenance and monitoring. There are so many choices in the market for landscape service providers, new plant cultivars, water restrictions, noise considerations, tree ordinances, demographics of site users, and so much more to each specific site.… Read the rest “What’s on Your Mind?”

What’s on Your Site?

Colorful tree leaves overhanging pathway

5 Benefits of a Landscape Inventory

Trees, shrubs, turf, ground covers, walking paths, and irrigation systems are common components of a landscaped site. These items bring value to a property over the long term. They are horticultural and fixed assets which have been paid for beginning with design, installation and finally yearly maintenance. Imagine a park without trees. A soccer field without grass.… Read the rest “What’s on Your Site?”