Water Efficient Landscape Training Series

I'll be teaching the next series of QWEL webinars. Free training for those who live or work in San Diego County! QWEL Certification or CEUs View this email in your browser Image: California CIMIS station example of weekly ETo and precipitation average 1990-2015 Last chance before fall! The graph above illustrates two primary factors influencing efficient irrigation and plant health. The goal is to irrigate close to the ETo curve. [...]

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Smart Controllers and Efficient Irrigation Systems

Which Comes First? Managing high volumes of water on a large landscaped site is no easy task. It takes diligent effort and frequent monitoring to deliver just the right amount of water plants and trees need. Considering new technology, aging irrigation systems and municipal rebate availablity, choices get confusing real fast for property managers and landscape committees. That confusion costs money on every months water bill. Smart irrigation [...]

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