A Great Small Tree Selection for Spring Blooms

Tired of seeing the same trees being used over and over again? Tree species diversity is important to the urban forest, so let’s mix up the planting palette. Chionanthus retusus, or Chinese fringe tree, is blooming here in San Diego, and what a show! I took these photos about a week ago when I hit the brakes at the sight of these blooms.

This tree is useful in the landscape because of it’s small size at maturity, less than 25′. Although it is not drought tolerant, it is useful for patios, lawn and garden settings. It’s striking show of fragrant white flowers in spring-summer is followed by yellow fall color and small red berries which attract birds. Chinese fringe tree grows in clay to loam soils in full sun or part afternoon shade in warmer areas. Another tree I love to see growing and being planted!

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